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MnG: Miyazaki Takao by ZiaLiaLis MnG: Miyazaki Takao by ZiaLiaLis

RP Preference: Notes / Skype / Chat, Lit

"Ladies, no touching please!"

"Even though I know how irresistable this bod is." :iconimbishieplz:

Name: Miyazaki Takao                                             Age: 17
Nicknames: Taka, Tako, Takoyaki                          Year: Sophomore
Weight: 82kg / 180lbs                                            Height: 189cm / 6'2"
Hair: Orange-Brown                                                  Eyes: Brown
Blood type: O-                                                          Voice: 0:12 - 0:36 (Cheerful, Teasing)


      Level: Intermediate

      Main Stroke: Freestyle [Front Crawl]

        Agility: **                                  Timings: 27.39 - 50m Freestyle [long course]
        Strength: ***                                           62.19 - 100m Freestyle [long course]
        Technique: -                                               2:59.23 - 200m Freestyle [long course]
        Dexterity: *
        Stamina: *

      Though his main stroke is the freestyle, this is actually because his technique for pretty much everything else sucks, being a mostly self taught swimmer and all. What he does have is strength. And through brute strength, he gains agility. It won't bring him far though, unless he polishes up his technique and stamina... which won't be happening any time soon.


    + His Younger Sister
    + Girls
    + Takoyaki
    + Swimming
    + Rivers and Beaches
    + Having fun
    + Cute, Obedient kouhais
    + Childhood friends
    + His older sister
    + Cute things (because his younger sister likes them)
    + Spicy, sweet and sour food
    + Dogs. Especially Chihuahuas.
    + TaeKwonDo (is a blackbelt whee)
    + Secretly likes dancing and singing and rapping (but is no good at all)


    - Childhood friends
    - His older sister
    - Swimming
    - Pruned fingers
    - Bitter food
    - The sun / heat / hot water
    - Annoying Senpais
    - Disobedient, uncute kouhais
    - Guys who ruin his chances with girls
    - Idol-bishounen-ikemen guys (because his younger sister likes them)


    He's an open-minded guy with (probably) good, straightforward intentions and who approaches people because that's the kind of person he is - social. He loves to joke around and flirt but trust me, it's all just a joke. Please don't take his flirting seriously - his creator doubts he can even flirt anyway. His childhood friends are the people he won't flirt with - mostly because they know him too well, and will probably turn the table on him. He has an inner older brother - both bossy and annoying yet reliable and overprotective. And definitely proud. He'll show off his loved ones without a second thought, and has no qualms about embarrassing others/himself. No harm intended though! Despite mostly being a teenage boy who loves horsing around, he is a good listener when needed to be and gives acceptable advice. The thing is, he tends to act on his own after that and it has gotten him into a few fights and a few breakups (of friendship. Girlfriends? What girlfriends? :iconpapmingplz:). He wants to look 'cool' in front of others, especially the juniors, and practising isn't cool. A genius is cool, no? He's no genius though, and he's lazy to practice, considering how easily he gets bored of an activity. Occasionally a bit of an idiot, he's easily manipulated when it comes to his own situation since he is rather dense and definitely a bit of an idiot. Gotta give him effort for trying to be the manipulative one though. //laughsobs He may act like a delinquent most of the time but trust me, he's just trying to act cool. He does like to swear though. Especially when his temper flares.

      Surface: (attempts to be) 'Cool' / Carefree / Annoying / Honest / Quite vulgar
      Inner: Romantic / Hardworking / Protective older brother / Insecure / Reliable


    Takao had a normal family life, having grown up in the country side. Perhaps the difference is that he never really had a father figure in his life; his father worked in the city. As a young boy, he often swam in the river near his house, even in winter, against strong currents and would often fall ill, but is now resistant to cold. Though he nearly drowned as an 8 year old, he didn't realise that he did and instead went back to the river because he thought it was fun and games. What he did professionally train in though, was Tae Kwon Do and had kept up with it until middle school as he wasn't allowed to swim for quite some time when his sister accidentally cut a part of his ear off while cutting his hair because she was practicing to be a hair stylist. Weirdly, he feels uncomfortable with showing his nipples because his mum and sister never showed theirs and always told him to never go around shirtless - He didn't realise that men could do it and that they were merely playing a joke on him. And even after he did, he still felt uncomfortable doing so because of reasons. :iconheplz: 

    After he had a younger sister, he became a very doting elder brother. When his family decided to move to the city to be with his father in 6th grade, he decided that he would join the swim team in middle school as there was no Tae Kwon Do club, only Judo. Plus his younger sister had a heavy admiration for swimmers at that time. He kept up with Tae kwon Do outside of school until he began realised that school took up too much time for him to fully commit to it. He often skipped swim practice, but has enough talent to win a few swim meets under the freestyle category. He decided to go to the swimming school in high school since it's prestigious and got in through pure talent luck. Some guys decided to drop out, some others decided not to go to the school, a few others were expelled... and he finally got his place. He has improved a lot under the school's guidance, but where he will end up - no one knows. Though now that his younger sister cares more about idols he does feel rather discouraged... But he does like swimming - he's just not sure whether it's what he wants to do for the rest of his life.


    Hyacinthe: HE'S A GUY WTF --Didn't realise that this kid was a guy until middle school omfg -- He's thoroughly creeped out by Ochinchin about 99.9% of the time and avoids him as much as possible, but he does care about this guy. Somewhat. [Childhood Friend]
    Ryota: NO STOP LOOKING AT ME -- holy crap stop with the bedroom eyes please. Tacchin's cool though, he doesn't mind hanging out with Tacchin most of the time. Probably. Doesn't really see him as a senior but admires him for coming to a swimming school when he can't fking swim. [Childhood Friend]
    Akira: SARCASTIC LITTLE ASSHOLE - I mean what hi there Kiracchin. Quite possibly the friend who Takao's concerned about the most out of his childhood friends, for various reasons. Thinks his eyes are cool, but would rather he never open his mouth. //junesplz [Childhood Friend]

    Additional Info:

    > He met his buddies (Hyachinthe, Ryota and Akira) in grade school, where they then found out that they're all neighbours. They were separated in sixth grade, but finally reunited in high school. Has a love-hate relationship with them for no reason.
    > Although for now his buddies and his family are the only people he would entrust with his life, he would love to meet new people! He needs new friends anyway omg
    > Always covers his nipples with stickers from his younger sister. Usually in the shape of bunnies, bears, cats, flowers, etc and turns extremely weak when they're exposed. They're also very extremely sensitive :iconimsopervyplz:
    > Missing a chunk of his left ear, thanks to his elder sister. Cuts his own hair because of that and you can see how well that turned out. :iconjunesplz:
    > The eyebrows run in the family. 
    > Enjoys his body image very much thanks
    > His studies is actually pretty good, especially his English.
    > List of things to do: Become a merman, Create his own swimming style - the Hawktopus (Because Taka hawk and Tako octopus get it haha no okay //rolls away)
    > Fullbody

Miyazaki Takao (c) =ZiaLiaLis
#Mizu-no-Gakuen (c) ~Prince-Jae
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